You Should Be Able to Power Your Home with Your Own Energy

At Isaksen Solar, we believe everyone should be self-sufficient in power production. We’ve helped thousands of customers stop paying out of pocket for borrowed electricity and start producing and consuming energy that they own. We don’t accept the societal norm of paying an indefinite electric bill. We’re paving our own path to energy independence and shaping a future where we control our power.

What We Do

We provide the world’s best solar customer experience with our expert customer-care-driven team. From the very first interaction to years after your installation, we strive to exceed your expectations and offer unparalleled support.

Your one-of-a-kind, custom solar system designed by your personal Project Manager will meet your every specific need and guarantee your property with decades of clean, independent energy. Our 25-year panel performance warranty ensures optimal energy production and full-service coverage.

We don’t just install systems, we stand by them throughout their entire lifespan. We’ll be monitoring your system on our end, but call us if you notice any issues so we can solve them immediately.

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We’ve Simplified Solar

In 2017, two former Tesla employees realized that their customers could have a better experience buying solar through a smaller, local solar company.

We saw firsthand, that one of the biggest problems in purchasing solar systems is the complexity of the installation process for customers. There was a lack of transparency in solar quotes, a lack of communication on deadlines and requirements, and jumbled business procedures throughout.

We’ve set out to avoid all this by providing stellar customer service, implementing a streamlined chain of work, and taking care of everything on the back end while keep our customers fully informed and relieved from worry.

Over Three Hundred Five-Star Reviews

Our Specialities

24/7 Monitoring Throughout Your System’s Entire Lifespan

Top Solar Servicer and Installer in RI and MA

Guaranteed Less Than 72 Hours Service Call Response Time

Highest Quality Materials and Technology in the Industry

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We’re Your Neighbors, and We Love What We Do

We Grew Up Here

We have 508 phone numbers, sit in traffic on the Braga Bridge, and visit Cape Cod beaches in the summertime. We know this area and we call it home. Unlike national solar chains, our community is our roots and our priority. We’re dedicated to improving our towns’ sustainability and helping our neighbors save money for decades to come.

We Keep Quality Top Notch

We only use the industry’s best solar materials. Our panels are 100% American manufactured and built to last with a 25-year product and performance guarantee. We do all the work in-house: from design and installation to service and maintenance.

When you give us a call, you’ll talk to a real person who recognizes and understands the importance of your individual needs. We’ll give you simple answers to your questions, crucial industry insight affecting your project, and work diligently to solve any issues that arise.

Rest assured that you will be well taken care of. Increasing the generation of solar energy is one of our main priorities, but providing for our customers is always our first.

Our Mission is to Illuminate the Path Toward a Sustainable Future, Exclusively Electrified by Renewable Energy

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