Isaksen Solar is grateful to be considered one of the best solar companies in New England. We take pride in our having some of the happiest customers and in our being known for outstanding service and custom designs for every customer’s needs.

Isaksen Solar was founded in 2017 by two former Tesla employees who, after years of operating in a big business environment, realized that their customers could have a much better experience if they went solar through a smaller, local company who specialized in the region (Rhode Island and South-Eastern Mass).

One of the biggest problems was the complexity of projects and the logjams/inefficiencies of big business. Because of this we simplified the entire process so that projects happen quickly and easily.

Every town is different, and each utility has unique requirements. We pride ourselves in our local relationships and flexibility in getting projects done in a timely manner. And we are committed to continuing to provide the service and products that have granted us the reputation as one of the best solar companies you can experience.

We are locally owned and operated.

We believe in helping, not selling.

No high pressure sales, ever.