Alternating Current

March 13, 2024

What is an Alternating Current?

Alternating current (AC) refers to an electrical flow that cyclically changes direction and continually varies in measure over time.

What is an AC battery?

Energy storage batteries can be AC or DC coupled. This differentiates the form of energy required for the battery to receive and disperse power.

Solar energy is created in direct current (DC) form. When AC batteries are receiving solar power, their internal inverter first converts the energy to AC as it travels through the battery. Once inside, the energy is converted back to DC for storage. Later, when it’s time to send the energy into the home, it must be converted into AC energy again while leaving the battery.

The extra conversion in the beginning of this process, makes AC batteries slightly less efficient than DC batteries as a small amount of energy is lost. However, AC batteries are easier to retro-fit into existing solar systems as they do not require a compatible inverter.