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Are Ground Mounted Solar Panels An Option For Your Home?

When considering a solar installation homeowners think their only option is to get rooftop solar panels. However ground mounted solar panels may be an option for your home! 

Ground mount solar is a solar panel installation that most homeowners do not consider and not a capability of all solar installers near you. Here at Isaksen Solar, we have experience in installing ground mount solar panels and are here to answer all of your questions. 

Common Ground Mounted Solar Panels Questions

  • What are ground mounted solar panels? 
    • Ground mounted solar panels is a solar panel installation that are installed on the ground instead of your roof. If you have ever driven past a field of solar panels that is ground mount solar panels 
  • Do ground mounted solar panels work the same as rooftop panels? 
    • Yes, ground mount solar works the same as rooftop solar panels. In fact, solar panels mounted to the ground may be more efficient than your rooftop panels. If your roof does not face the optimal direction receive the most sunlight or you have tree coverage on your roof then solar ground mounts may be your best option. This is because ground mounted solar can be built in the ideal location to capture the most sun and maximize your solar energy production. 
  • Are the same solar panels used in ground mounted solar panels as rooftop solar panels? 
    • Yes, the same exact solar panels that are used on roofs are the also used on ground mount solar 

Ground Mouted Solar Installation Process

  • For ground mount solar the racking structure must be built to the destined location. The support for these panels is completely custom to the needs of the location and the desires of the homeowner. For rooftop panels, the structure support is attached to the roof and is limited to the roofs dimensions. 
  • This customly built support structure allows for solar companies to build the racking with any tilt or orientation necessary to maximze solar energy production. 
  • While your roof may lose sunlight for parts of the day. Ground mounted solar can be built in a way that captures sunlight all day long. This means more energy savings for your home. 
  • The same wiring is used as rooftop solar panels but a lot more wiring is likely needed depending on the location of the solar panels. 

Cost Of Ground Mount Solar

  • Ground mount solar is safer and easier to install since solar panel installers will be on the ground. However, the total cost is more for ground mounted solar than rooftop solar.  
  • Since the structure is being built from scratch instead of using a roof there is an increased cost for materials. 
  • With the increased cost of materials there is also increased cost for labor. 
  • However, while ground mounted solar may be more expensive keep in mind that they are also producing more energy. This extra energy production will mean more savings on your monthly electricity bill. Extra savings will cancel out the additional cost for ground mount solar and decrease your payback period. 

Should I Install Ground Mounted or Roof Mounted Panels? 

  • The choice to install ground mount solar vs. rooftop solar will depend on the requirements of your home and your personal preference. Both options will give allow you to power your home affordably from renewable energy. 
  • Here are a look at the benefits: 
    • Ground-mounted solar benefits 
      • Ground-mounted solar panels can be positioned to receive optimal sunlight and produce the maximum amount of solar energy
      • The installation process is safer and easier because the solar panels are installed on the ground 
      • Mainteneance and repair is also a more simple process since the back of the solar panels are easily accessible on the ground
      • Ground solar installations can be moved in the future
      • You can still save money with solar panels if you do not think solar panels will look appealing on your home
    • Ground-mounted solar disadvantages
      • Ground solar mounting is more expensive than rooftop solar panels
      • Not all solar installers are able to install ground mount solar racking
      • The permitting process can be more complex than rooftop solar installations

At Isaksen Solar, we are experienced in installing solar panels mounted on the ground and are likely one of the few solar installers near you that are able to complete a ground mount solar installation from start to finish. 

If you have questions about ground solar mounting give us a call at 508-717-3820 or get started on your solar quote today!