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Should I Buy Or Lease Solar Panels for My Home? Michael Rock Answers.

I’ve been passionate about sharing my experiences with solar power since I installed solar panels for my home in 2018. My electricity bills were cut to zero the next summer and I got a great tax credit that I put toward my solar panel loan.I've gotten a lot of questions from listeners who wonder if a solar panel installation might be right for their home, and one of their biggest questions surrounds leasing vs. buying solar panels. It's a more complex decision than just the cost of solar panels, and the experts at Isaksen Solar can [...]

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Are Solar Panels Worth The Cost? Three Year Review Of Solar Paneling My Home

Are Solar Panels Worth The Cost? Three Year Review Of Solar Paneling My HomeArticle originally published on Fun107.comHard to believe, but it's been nearly three years since we finally installed solar panels for our home. My wife and I had been talking about solar paneling our home for years, but we were always waiting for someone else in the neighborhood, or one of our friends or family to be the first to do it.Finally, I had enough of the waiting and decided to start researching solar companies near me. I [...]

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