Battery Enclosure Room Dimensions

July 1, 2024 | Reading Time: 5 minutes

It’s important to have enough space for batteries to work well and stay safe. Outlined below are the minimum enclosure room sizes you need for up to six SolarEdge Home Battery Backups and six Tesla Powerwall 3 batteries.

We have rounded up to the nearest half foot for the simplest dimensions.

SolarEdge Home Battery

 # of SolarEdge Home BatteriesRoom Dimensions (Width x Depth)
14 ft x 4.5 ft
24 ft x 5.5 ft
34 ft x 7 ft
44 ft x 8 ft
54 ft x 9.5 ft
64 ft 11 ft

Tesla Powerwall 3

# of Tesla Powerwall 3sRoom Dimensions (Width x Depth)
13 ft x 4 ft
25 ft x 4 ft
37.5 ft x 4 ft
410 ft x 4 ft
512 ft x 4 ft
614.5 ft x 4 ft

Note that Tesla Powerwall 3s cannot be mounted back to back. They must be set side by side with 4 inches on each side.

SolarEdge Layout Diagrams

Not to scale.