Buying Solar Panels in Acushnet, Massachusetts?

December 12, 2023 | Reading Time: 9 minutes

Acushnet homeowners will be the first to tell you that the Southeastern Massachusetts town is a great place to live. The town also happens to be a community that values affordable and clean energy. Due to the town setting the goal to reduce electricity costs and cut its reliance on fossil fuels, there has never been a better time for buying solar panels in Acushnet. Over the past year Acushnet and the entire state of Massachusetts has seen historic increases in the price of electricity. With these increases homeowners across the town have been looking for alternative options for powering their homes and getting a solar quote. As electricity prices continue to increase the popularity of solar panels in Massachusetts has also increased. 

With the changes in the energy industry, Acushnet has become a leading town in the state when it comes to switching to green energy for financial savings as well as reducing its carbon footprint. The town has been a Green Community since 2013 by meeting the standards of the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program’s Criteria. This designation shows the town’s commitment to reducing energy costs, improving the town’s environment, and introducing energy efficient projects to Acushnet  via renewable energy. With this status the town has completed numerous community solar project that are saving thousands of dollars for residents every year while also signing off on new solar projects for the future. 

If you are a Acushnet resident and are curious about the benefits purchasing solar panels can have for your home, here are a few: 

Benefits Of Buying Solar Panels As An Acushnet Resident 

  1. The town hall and necessary departments move quickly with solar companies in Acushnet so our customers can expect to have a shorter timeline to get approvals and permits.
    • To install solar panels there is a process that takes time and during this installation process we ask for your patience as our team handles the required paperwork and approvals. Most solar companies in Massachusetts should handle this process for you so make sure to ask them how much of the process they will be covering as a solar provider. Overall, living in a town that understands the benefits of solar power for the community means installed solar panels on your roof and you see the savings sooner than later. 
  2. In Acushnet, Eversource is the electricity provider. Being an Eversource customer has a vital Massachusetts solar incentives through the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program (SMART) program for both residential and commercial customers. 
    • The SMART program is a solar incentive based program that was started to encourage purchasing solar panels in Massachusetts. This program benefits Acushnet homeowners by sending a payment to Eversource customers every month depending on how much energy they produce. Depending on how they qualify for the program homeowners will receive payments every month for 10 or 20 years. This program is exclusive to Massachusetts solar panels customers.

If you are curious if solar is a good fit for your home give us a call, or get started on your free solar quote.