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Buying Solar Panels In Fairhaven. What Are The Benefits?

Right now Fairhaven residents are reaping the benefits of buying solar panels for their homes. As a town, Fairhaven continues to make the switch to solar energy and homeowners are seeing the savings while cutting down their carbon footprint as they switch to solar panels in Massachuetts.

Fairhaven’s adoption of solar panels is shown by the town’s investment in solar systems to power LeRoy L. Wood Elementary and East Fairhaven Elementary schools. By installing solar panels these elementary schools will have up to 80 to 90% of their total energy costs covered by renewable energy. These solar panel installations will save between $800,000 to $900,000 over the 20-year solar lease. 

Homeowners in Fairhaven are also seeing the benefits of residential solar panels. Home solar panels are allowing them to take control of their electricity bill each month and saving them thousands of dollars each year. MA solar panels make sense across the state as it has some of the highest electricity prices in the country. Homeowners are especially seeing the benefits this winter as across the state there have been historic increases in electricity rates

If you are interested in purchasing solar panels for your home here are some specific advantages that your fellow Fairhaven residents are taking advantage of: 

Benefits Of Buying Solar Panels As A Fairhaven Resident 

  1. The town hall and necessary departments move quickly with solar companies in Fairhaven so our customers can expect to have a shorter timeline to get approvals and permits.
    • To install solar panels there is a process that takes time and during this we ask for your patience as our team handles the required paperwork and approvals. Living in a town that works quickly to complete this process means solar panels on your roof and savings in your pockets sooner than later. 
  2. In Fairhaven, Eversource provides electric utility service to the town. To encourage buying solar panels they offer Massachusetts solar incentives through the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program (SMART) program for residential and commercial customers. 
    • The SMART program is an solar incentive based program that was established to support the purchasing of solar panels in Massachusetts. This program benefits Fairhaven homeowners by sending a payment directly from Eversource, to the customer depending on how much energy they produce every month. Homeowners will receive their payment every month for 10 or 20 years. This program is exclusive to Massachusetts solar panels customers.

If you are curious if solar is a good fit for your home give us a call, or get started on your free solar quote