January 3rd, 2024 | Reading Time: 8 minutes

What is the ConnectedSolutions program?

ConnectedSolutions is a program that incentivizes homeowners to share energy from their batteries with the electrical grid. Tapping into private power sources helps to stabilize the grid’s power and limit the utility company’s need to turn on extra power plants during periods of high electrical demand. By offering this program, the electric company is able to reduce their infrustructure costs by not having to make upgrades for peak demand.

How does the ConnectedSolutions program work?

The program is guaranteed to pay you for five years. On average you will get $1,000 per year per battery. Your utility company will typically pay you between October and December.

This program is fully automated so once you enroll, you don’t need to do anything besides wait for your checks.

Am I eligible for the ConnectedSolutions program?

You are eligible if you own a property that is located in a state and utility company that participates and you have one or more approved batteries.

Which states participate in the ConnectedSolutions program?

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut participate in the ConnectedSolutions Program.

Which utility companies participate in the ConnectedSolutions program?

Eversource, Rhode Island Energy (National Grid), and Cape Light Compact are the utility companies that participate in the program.

What batteries qualify for the program?

As of 2024 the following batteries are approved for ConnectedSolutions:

  • Enphase
  • FortressPower
  • Frankin WH
  • Genera PWRCell
  • Outback Connected to Sonnen
  • Sonnen
  • Sol-Ark
  • SolarEdge
  • Sunpower
  • Tesla

How much can I save with the ConnectedSolutions program?

The ConnectedSolutions program is designed to compensate you seasonally, depending on your battery’s power output. It operates on a per-kilowatt incentive structure for each season. In the initial five years, the program secures your incentive rate. After that, it provides incentives at an adjusted rate. For the average battery, this translates to payments ranging from $4,000 to $9,000 throughout the program’s five-year duration.

ConnectedSolutions incentive table

How often is my battery’s energy dispatched in the ConnectedSolutions program?

Your battery will be dispatched to the grid a maximum of 60 times in the summer and 5 times in the winter. 

You will be notified by email when dispatching events are scheduled. You can opt-out from individual events by following the opt-out link in the event notification email. Please note that any event opt-outs will reduce your year-end incentive rate.

What factors influence my incentive rate?

Your incentive rate is dependent on your system and its performance.

Factors influencing your system’s performance include your system’s size and orientation, the number of batteries you’ve installed, and the available energy in your battery at the time of the dispatching event.

When do I get paid for participating in the ConnectedSolutions program?

You will get paid once per year, typically at the end of the year.

How do I apply for ConnectedSolutions?

Your installer can apply for the ConnectedSolutions program or you can reach out to your battery manufacturer and sign up through them.

Why was the ConnectedSolutions Program created?

ConnectedSolutions started in 2019 as a tactic to offset the overwhelming surge of electrical demand during summer evenings.

Between 3pm – 8pm, the sun is setting so solar production decreases and everyone’s reliance on the grid intensifies. At this point, utility companies are stretched thin and a homeowner with a solar battery becomes an energy asset.

Instead of turning on backup powerplants to meet demand, utility companies would rather save money by paying homeowners to share their energy. 

Can I add a battery to my existing solar energy system?

Yes, you can add a battery to an exisiting solar system and still qualify for the ConnectedSolutions program.

Can I unenroll from ConnectedSolutions?

Yes, you can unenroll from the program by emailing your utility company.

Can ConnectedSolutions be combined with other solar incentives?

Yes, this progam allows for the pairing of other solar incentive programs.

Reach out to your solar installer to learn about available programs and if you qualify.