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Creating The Most Aesthtic Solar Panels For Your Home: Black Solar Panels & Black Roof

When installing solar there are the obvious benefits of using clean energy and taking back control of your energy costs. While these are two motivating factors for getting solar panels we think that the aesthetics of solar panels is an important consideration.

When deciding to put solar panels on your roof we understand their appearance may be a strong consideration for you. After all your home may be one of if not your biggest investment and you plan on looking at it every day. So why not install the most aesthic panels possible? 

As experienced solar installers we have taken alot of thought and consideration in what makes a solar system the most appealing for our homeowners. 

In our experience we believe that black solar panels lead to the most aesthically pleasing solar installation.

All Black Solar Panels

    • At Isaksen Solar we only use all black solar panels on every installation. We think that black on black solar panels are the most visually appealing solar panels for homeowners because black solar panels on a roof add a sleek and seamless finish to your roof. 

Black Roof Shingles

    • If you have the choice we think that there is away to increase the aesthic of your solar panel installation even more. That is pairing your all black solar panels with black roof shingles. From our experience the black solar panels on a black roof truly elevates the aesthics of your solar install, your roof and your home. 

Don’t believe us? Click through the SLIDESHOW below of installs with black solar panels on a black roof!