Critter Guards and Dress Skirts: Pros and Cons for Solar Panels

March 6, 2024 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

When installing solar panels, you’re likely prioritizing the efficiency and appearance of the system. Two common add-ons to increase the protection and aesthetics of solar arrays are critter guards and dress skirts. They each serve a different purpose and come with pros and cons.

Critter Guards


The purpose of installing critter guards on solar panel arrays is to prevent small animals like birds or squirrels from nesting under the panels or causing damage by chewing on wires.

How They Work

Critter guards are made of durable, weather-resistant mesh. They’re installed around the entire perimeter of the panel array, creating a barrier to block small critters from accessing the space between the roof and the panels but not impeding air flow or sunlight.


  • Keeps animals and debris out so necessary maintenance and cleaning under panels will be minimized
  • Maximizes the system’s lifespan by reducing the risk of damage to electrical wiring and related components
  • Can be installed on both new and existing solar panel systems


  • May increase the overall cost of the system
  • May not contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the system as they’re visible from certain angles

Dress Skirts


The primary purpose of dress skirts is to improve the visual appear of a solar array by hiding the mechanical and electrical components under the panels. They make completed arrays look sleeker and blend more seamlessly into the roof.

How They Work

Dress skirts are rectangular pieces of durable, weather-resistant material usually color-matched to a solar panel system and installed around the perimeter of the array.


  • Enhances the appearance of the system
  • Improve curb appeal and maximally increase property value
  • Offer some protection against debris accumulation under panels


  • Primarily for aesthetics and are not a significant source of protection
  • May add to the total cost of the system
  • Can restrict airflow under panels if not properly installed

Key Takeaways

  • Critter guards protect the underside of your panels from damage caused by small animals or debris.
  • Dress skirts are a simple solution to improving the appearance of your solar array without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Working with an experienced solar installer will guarantee proper installation of this equipment.

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