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Dartmouth Residents Are Saving With Solar

Whether you are new to Dartmouth or a long-time resident, there will never been a better time to go solar. Homeowners in Dartmouth are seeing their energy prices rising but those that have switched to solar are seeing substantial savings like the home pictured which is genereating over $4,500 a year on their energy bills.

As a town, Dartmouth has embraced the move to solar and the town departments have made the transition easy for its residents. For their efforts, the town holds status as a Green Community showing that they have made a commitment to reducing energy usage and are providing the financial and technical support to make this happen. From their continued sustainability efforts, Dartmouth has received multiple grants to continue their energy efficiency upgrades. As the town looks to save money on energy costs they realize the importance for the members of the community to be able to do the same. 

This understanding has allowed the town to input significant advantages for Dartmouth residents. In addition to their status as a Green Community, the town is also one of the state leaders in solar energy production, increasing their energy production by solar year over year. This is accomplished by the town reducing its barriers to solar development which was recognized by the national SolSmart Program with a Bronze Designation. The program is quoted as saying this, “…recognition provides independent confirmation of Dartmouth’s initiatives to be a leading producer of solar power within the Commonwealth as well as Dartmouth’s adoption and use of industry ‘best practices’.”

With all that said, time for the good stuff. What’s in it for you as a Dartmouth resident!

Benefits Going Solar As A Dartmouth Resident 

  1. The town hall and associated departments move quickly in Dartmouth, meaning customers generally have shorter timelines for approvals and permits.
    • The solar installation process takes time and we ask for your patience as our team handles all of the necessary paperwork and approvals. Having a town that works quickly to complete this process means solar panels on your roof and savings sooner than later. 
  2. The building and zoning departments are ground mount-friendly, so they do not hold ground mounts back for reasons such as aesthetics, size or array
    • As a homeowner you have a choice of ground-mount solar or rooftop solar but a town may decline ground mounts for a variety of reasons. A town that is ground mount-friendly opens up the possibilities for homeowners to get the perfect solar installation that meets their energy production needs and desired aesthetic appeal
  3. Dartmouth is an Eversource territory for its utilities and the company has ample incentive money from the MA SMART solar program for residential and commercial customers
    • The SMART program is an incentive based program that was established to support the development of solar in Massachusetts. This program benefits Dartmouth homeowners by setting up an incentive payment directly from Eversource every month you are a member of the program. 

On top of Dartmouth being a great town and community to be a part of with its unique attractions like the must-try Chippi from Mirasol’s, Dartmouth is also on the forefront of sustainability throughout the state and the country. Trust us, if you think the Chippi gives you energy, just wait until you see what kind of power solar can give you, not to mention the savings. Think of all the extra Marisol trips you could make!