Dartmouth Residents are Saving with Solar

January 9, 2024 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

Did you know that Isaksen Solar has installed more solar systems in Dartmouth than any other company. We’re part of the community, residents ourselves, sending our kids to Dartmouth High, and eating Sunday breakfasts at Persey’s. 

Whether you’re new to the Dartmouth community or a long-time resident, going solar could be your perfect solution to dodging high electric rates. We want to help our neighbors start producing their own energy so they can power their properties on their own terms. 

Dartmouth’s Push for Solar

As a town, Dartmouth has embraced the move to solar and the town departments have made the transition easy for its residents. The town holds status as a Green Community showing that they have made a commitment to reducing energy usage and are providing the financial and technical support to make this happen.

The town is also one of the state leaders in solar energy production, increasing their energy production by solar year after year. This is accomplished by the town reducing its barriers to solar development which was recognized by the national SolSmart Program with a Bronze Designation.

How is the town of Dartmouth paying for the solar transition?

Dartmouth has received multiple grants to continue their energy efficiency upgrades. As the town looks to save money on energy costs, they realize the importance for the members of the community to be able to do the same.

Benefits of Going Solar As A Dartmouth Resident

  1. The town hall and associated departments move quickly in Dartmouth, meaning customers generally have shorter timelines for approvals and permits.
  2. The building and zoning departments are ground-mount friendly. This means there are no restrictions on aesthetics, size, or array layout.
  3. Dartmouth is an Eversource territory for its utilities and the company and town have ample incentive money for various renewable energy programs. 

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