Ground-Mounted Solar

Transforming Land into Energy

We are passionate about helping people build the solar system that best suits their needs. Since no two installations are the same, we’re excited to offer ground-mounted systems for those roofs that can’t sustain panels.

Accomodating the Unique Aspects of Every Project

Ground-mounted solar systems can be more complicated than rooftop systems as there are more elements to consider, but you can rest easy knowing Isaksen Solar has generated thousands of kilowatt-hours from ground-mount installations.

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Systems

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Eliminate Roofing Concerns and Aesthetic Sacrifices with Flexible Ground-Level Energy

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Experience Energy Independence and Cut Costs with the Industry’s Top Efficiency System


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Reap All the Same Benefits from Tax Credits and Incentives as Rooftop Systems

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Lead the Way to a More Viable Future with Cutting Edge Renewable Energy Technology

How It Works

Step 1

Meet with your dedicated Project Manager to discuss your energy needs and develop your custom solar solution.

Step 2

Approve your system and sign your contract.

Step 3

We handle the complicated stuff: permits, incentives, operations, and reach out to schedule an installation day when everything’s all set.

Step 4

We’ll install your system in one to two days and cause as minimal of a disruption as possible. We’ll let you know when your system is ready to be activated.

Step 5

You’ll see savings in the first billing period. Start saving and making money with renewable energy incentives. Operate energy independent and reap the benefits of solar power. We’ll be just a phone call away if you ever need us and will monitor your system from our end to ensure it’s properly producing.

Top-Tier Solar Panels

  • 425-Watt Monocrystalline Technology
  • 28.6% Efficiency
  • 25 Year Product and Performance Guarantee

The highest-quality panels, delivering maximum efficiency in the industry and power up to 425 watts. We continuously update to the newest models, guaranteeing you access to the latest in solar technology. Crafted from the finest, most durable materials, each Qcell panel possesses a sleek all-black design and a 25-year product and performance warranty. 

Q.TRON BLK M-G2+ SERIES solar panel


We Know It Works, Because We Did It!

Check out the 500 kW solar panel system we installed on our building’s roof in 2017. Since then, we’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in electric bills.

Other Inspiring Stories

We are very pleased with our ground-mounted solar system and with the whole Isaksen process. We have recommended Isaksen Solar to our neighbor and our daughter – both of whom have installed Isaksen systems and are as delighted as we are.

We chose to install a ground-mount system because the part of our house that faces south has a variety of peaks and things that made it impractical to put enough panels there. We decided to add a roof array on our barn as well. 

One reason we went with Isaksen was that they were willing to install our ground-mount system along with a roof installation. The proposal seemed to be too complicated for a lot of other companies that I spoke with.

As for the results, we have not paid an electric bill for more than a year. And with two electric vehicles, we have not paid for gasoline either.

Bill Z.

Jamestown, RI

Breaking Down the Benefits

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Steer Clear of Roofing Challenges

No need to replace your older roof, worry about your panels interferring with the aesthetics of your home, or be concerned over damage or leaking. Ground-mounted systems allow homes to reap all the benefits of renewable energy without tampering with the property’s structure.

Optimal Expandability

Simply add onto your ground-mount system should you need more energy after your initial installation. In contrast to rooftop systems which are highly restricted to the infrastructure of the roof, an additional stand and panels can be easily added onto existing ground-mount systems.

Maximum Energy Generation

Ground-mounted systems can produce the most energy of all solar systems because they can be optimally positioned with less restriction.

Tax Credits

There are many incentives and tax credits that a homeowner can file for while adopting solar. We ensure our customers get the lowest price for their system by applying for all eligible incentives on their behalf and maintaining a strong relationship with utility companies and government agencies.

Eliminate Electric Bill

Homeowners will see a signifiant decrease and potential elimination of their electric bill after switching to solar. Systems that are sized for the energy consumption of the home will be able to offset all demand from the grid and receive $0 bills or even surplussed credits.

Decreased Carbon Footprint

Investing in solar is one of the greatest steps people all around the word are taking toward a carbon neutral future. Solar panels can completely eliminate a home’s dependence on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, paving the way to a more eco-conscious society.

Solar Plans

Four agreements, designed to meet your demands.

At Isaksen Solar, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We are committed to helping you select an individualized plan that aligns with your specific needs.

Lease / PPA

Isaksen Solar’s leasing option gives you the benefits of a solar system without the burden of maintenance. We’ll install the system, monitor its performance, you’ll keep the energy, and pay a fixed monthly rate over the leasing term.


  • Low or zero upfront costs
  • 25 year warranty
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% service coverage


  • $0 to little money down
  • Fixed monthly payment to Isaksen Solar


Isaksen Solar owns and maintains the system.

Prepaid PPA

Prepay your PPA for the highest discount on your system. Enjoy favorable contract terms which require a minimum monthly output guarantee but never pay extra if your system produces more. Live payment free for decades.


  • Long-term, fixed contract
  • Solar panel and equipment warranty
  • Production guarantee
  • Zero monthly payments


  • One-time payment
  • Full contract cost


Isaksen Solar owns and maintains the system.


Gain immediate ownership of your solar panels with less upfront costs. Pay for your system over a time period that works for you and your budget. Take advantage of incentives and increased property value without the financial demand.


  • Purchase and finance
  • Solar panel warranty
  • Contracted rate
  • Monitoring and service coverage


  • $0 down, monthly bill
  • Payment to loan provider


Homeowner owns and maintains the system.


Purchase your system outright and reap the full benefits of solar panel ownership. Save on the upfront costs with government incentives and skip the credit check. Start saving money on electric bills in the first billing period.


  • Own your system
  • System warranty
  • Zero monthly payments
  • Monitoring and service coverage


  • One-time payment
  • Full cost to Isaksen Solar


Homeowner owns and maintains the system.

Solar Incentives Can Save You Thousands of Dollars!

Available incentives depend on your project’s specifications.

Pair Your Panels with a Battery Storage System

  • Optimize Your Use of Your Solar Energy
  • Qualify for More Incentives
  • Enhance Your Systems Reliability

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the entire solar installation process?

The timeframe of you signing your contract to the day of activation can range from three to six months. Installation day itself will last a maximum of two days, weather permitting.

Can you apply incentives to ground-mounted solar systems?

Yes, ground-mounted solar systems can qualify for all solar incentives.

How do ground-mounted systems compare to rooftop systems?

Ground-mounted solar systems and rooftop systems operate the same way. They’re made from the same panels and transform sunlight into energy using the same processthe photovoltaic effect.

Their difference lies in cost and energy efficiency. Ground-mounted systems are typically more expensive but more efficient. Equipping ground-mounts with a tracking system can increase efficiency even more.

How much does an average ground-mounted solar system cost?

After incentives are applied, the average ground-mounted solar system costs about $30,000.

Will my system need maintenance?

Ground-mounted solar systems rarely require maintenance but it’s advised to conduct an annual inspection to make sure everything is operating as it should.

Systems with tracking devices may require more maintenance as the moving parts can lead to more issues than sedentary systems.

How long do solar systems last?

Solar systems have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Most panels and supplementary equipment come with a warranty, guaranteeing sufficient production and operation for at least 10 years.

At Isaksen Solar, all our panels come with a 25 year warranty and our inverters and batteries have a 10 year warranty.

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