Ground Mounted Solar Panels

January 1, 2024 | Reading Time: 7 minutes

When considering a solar installation, homeowners think their only option is to get rooftop solar panels. However, ground-mounted solar panels may be an option for your home. Not all roofs are great for rooftop solar, and we understand that rooftop solar panels do not always look lovely. A ground-mounted solar system may be a great alternative. 

Ground-mounted solar is usually around 10% more than rooftop solar, but it makes up for it by being more efficient. Most solar installers are not capable of installing ground-mounted systems as they are more complicated than rooftop systems. We have installed over 1000 ground mounted systems, below we answer the most common questions and concerns.

Not every roof is fit for solar. If this is the case for your property, maybe a ground-mounted solar system would work instead.

Ground-Mount Requirements

Ground-mounts require a large, sun-drenched space and specific soil. The necessary size will vary based on the amount of energy you need. 

Annual ProductionAnnual Value of ElectricityDimensions
5,000 kWh$1,25018’X12′
10,000 kWh$2,50018’x20′
15,000 kWh$3,75018’x28′
20,000 kWh$5,00018’x36′
25,000 kWh$6,25018’x43′

Ideal soil conditions for ground-mounted systems include a stable, surface of consistent dirt without large rocks or terminal dampness. 

Ground-Mount Advantages

There are some advantages that make ground-mounts more efficient than roof systems. Their structure gives them flexibility in positioning, allowing them to be precisely angled to maximize sun exposure and create more energy overtime. Some ground-mounts can even be equipped with a tracking device that allows the panel to follow the sun’s path. 

Ground Mounted Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

How much do ground-mounted systems cost?

Ground-mounted solar systems are typically more expensive than rooftop systems. This is because they often require more equipment to be mountedi into the ground.

The average ground-mount system costs around $30,000.

Can solar incentives be applied to ground-mounted systems?

Yes, ground-mounted systems are able to qualify for solar incentives.

Do ground-mounted solar panels work the same as roof panels?

Yes, ground-mounted and rooftop panels work the same way; through the photovoltaic effect.

Are the same solar panels used in ground-mounts as rooftop systems?

Yes, the same panels are used in ground-mount systems as rooftop systems. The main variation will be the amount of necessary panels.

Should I get a tracker system?

Trackers can make your ground-mounted panels up to 15% more efficient. The farther north your property is, the more the tracking system makes sense. The tracking system is an additional cost and requires more maintenance due to its moving parts.

Key Takeaways

  • Ground-mounted solar panels function similarly to rooftop systems but are typically more efficient.
  • The cost for ground-mounted solar panel installations is around $30,000 after incentives, often higher than roof-mounted systems, but they can enhance production based on roof orientation and shading.
  • Key factors to consider when choosing between roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar installations include available space, system cost, and electricity consumption.

Why Work with Isaksen Solar?

At Isaksen Solar, we are experts at installing ground-mounted solar systems. We have designed and installed over 1000 ground-mounted systems. We can complete a ground-mount solar installation from start to finish with no subcontractors. 

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