Prepare for Your Solar Installation Day

Guidelines To Follow Before Your Solar Installation

Congratulations, your home is one step closer to creating its own energy. With your install day coming up we want to make sure that you have the guidelines necessary to make your install day as smooth as possible. While we handle the entire install process there are a few details we would like for you to prep before our arrival. Watch the video above for a walkthrough of your install day and see our checklist below.

Install Day Checklist

  • Make sure that your driveway is clear. We will likely have multiple trucks with trailers that our crew will be working out of for the day.
  • Clear an open area to the electrical panel in the basement. Our electricians will be working there multiple hours so having a clear area makes an optimal working space.
  • Understand that your home will lose power from 10 to 45 mins. Please notify us ahead of time if that will be an issue
  • The installation process will be noisey. There will be multiple workers on your roof, and there will be expected banging and drilling throughout the day.
  • Once your installation is complete you will not be able to turn your system on immediately. It will take from 4-6 week until you will need to turn you system on
    • In this 4-6 week timeline your city or county will do its final inspection and your local utility company installs its net meter and gives you permission to operate (PTO). We handle all of the paperwork for these steps.