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Higher Electric Bills Are On The Way
December 7th, 2021

Last week, Eversource, the primary supplier of electricity in Eastern Massachusetts and the SouthCoast filed a 25% rate increase with state regulators. The rate increase is not official yet, but an email from the company has been sent to notify customers that the approval is likely. Meaning that if you have Eversource you can expect to pay more for your light bill in 2022.

As quoted in the email “In January, your electric bill will be higher because of the increased demand for electricity and natural gas.” The email also stated that the average residential customer paying $120 a month for electricity would be paying $150 starting in January.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of continuing to source your electricity from large utilities companies. As demand increases so will the rates. Throughout your lifetime as a homeowner these increases add up to thousands of additional dollars you pay for the same service. This cycle is continuous and inevitable as long as you rely on Eversource and National Grid for your electricity.

Homeowners will continue to have power but feel powerless as they continue to ask “Why is my electric bill so high?” for the rest of their lives.

Your Solution

That solution is becoming your own energy provider by adding solar power to your home. When your home sources its energy from solar panels you are well on your way to becoming energy independent. By creating renewable energy, any power you produce, once your system is paid for is being supplied and delivered by you at no additional cost. If there’s no cost, there’s nothing to increase.

Interested in seeing if your home is a fit for solar and ending your cycle of endless rate hikes give us a call or start your free home solar quote!

Originally reported by WBSM