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What is the ConnectedSolutions Program

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the Connected Solutions program helps to keep the grid stable by allowing homeowners with solar + battery systems to share energy when the grid needs it. And, you get paid to do it. The program is 100% fully automated. Once you enroll you do need to anything.

How the ConnectedSolutions Program Works

The program is guarenteed to pay you for 5 years. On average you will get $1,000 per year. Your utility company will pay you typically at the end of the year between October and December.

Why was the ConnectedSolutions Program Created?

The program was created because in the summer time between 3pm and 8pm there is a large electrical surge in demand. When people come home from work they typically cook dinner, turn on the air conditioner and charge their electric car. From the utlities company point of view for the utlitiy company this could not come at a worse time because this is typically when the sun is setting. This is when solar is coming offline. Therefore a homeowner that has a battery on their home is now are part of the solution. Instead of being a load on the grid they are now an energy asset. Since this program allows the utility company to avoid doing costly upgrades they are using the money they saved on these upgrades to pay homeowners instead. 

How will this affect the cost of my batteries?

In a hypothetical situation, if someone purchased 2 batteries for a total of $25,000. They would get back a $7,500 Federal tax credit and $10,000 in connected solutions money. This would make the net cost for the customer $7,500. 


What is ConnectedSolutions?

ConnectedSolutions is a utility program which incentivizes customers to share energy to the grid when the New England electric grid needs it.

Customers are paid on a performance basis for the average kW they generate from their storage during dispatch events. To learn about the ConnectedSolutions program in detail, please visit National Grid MA, Eversource MA (east),Eversource MA (west), National Grid RI, or Cape Light Compact MA

Am I eligible for the program?

If you own property that has a solar system or if you are in the process of buying a solar system then you are most likely eligiable.

How do I know when there is a dispatch event?

Your system can be dispatched up to 75 times per year during peak demand hours. You’ll be notified by email when events are scheduled, typically by 2 p.m. Eastern the day ahead. You can opt-out from individual adjustment events by following the opt-out link in the event notification email. Note that any event opt-outs will reduce the incentive you will be eligible to receive.

How much money can I earn with the ConnectedSolutions program?

Your payments are based on the performance of your system.

For example, you should expect to get paid about $1,00 per year per battery. However, the below examples are the best case examples. Again, you should not expect to get the best case. You should make your purchase decision based off a more modest expectation.

In the Massachusetts National Grid program may earn up to $3,575.

In the Massachusetts Eversource program the system may earn up to $3,039.

In the Massachusetts Cape Light Compact program the system may earn up to $3,039.

After 5 years, in Massachusetts National Grid, Eversource and Cape Light Compact still expect to offer incentives for these battery systems.

The incentive rate simply is not set yet.

What are some of the factors that can influence the performance of my system?

Under the program rules, PV energy production is always prioritized over dispatch of battery energy and your incentive is based on dispatch performance of your battery.

Several factors influence the performance of your system including your PV array size and orientation, inverter rated power, number of batteries, energy available in your battery at the time of the event, the time of the day and solar generation during events, the time and solar generation between events and more.

When will I get paid for participating in this program?

You should expect to get paid once a year. The check will be sent from your utility company around the end of the year around December.

How to Apply?

To apply reach out to Isaksen Solar at 5087173820 or email us at [email protected]

Can I retrofit my solar energy system with a battery?

Yes, you can add a battery to an existing solar energy system.

Can I unenroll from ConnectedSolutions?

Yes, you can unenroll, if desired by emailing the program administrator. National Grid (here), Eversource (here)  or Cape Light Compact (here)

Can this program be combined with other available incentives?
Yes, you may be eligible for savings with the federal ITC which is currently 30% of the installed system (as may be changed by the legislator). Check with your SolarEdge installer regarding local and state incentives.