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How To Find The Best Solar Installer Near You

You have heard about the benefits of installing solar on your home and are ready to make the switch to producing your own energy. Next comes the most important step: finding a solar installer.There are countless ways for you to research solar companies that service your area. The question is how do you find the best solar installer for your home? 

The likely first step when selecting a solar installer is to go to Google and type in “solar installers near me”. The next step is to prepare the questions you need to ask a solar installer. To help guide your research we put together a list of the essential questions that you should answer before committing to any solar company. 

Does the solar installer handle the full installation process? 

  • Once you sign with a solar installer there is a process of approvals, paperwork, and permits that need to be processed before your panels can go on your roof. The solar company should handle this process but you want to make sure that they do to eliminate having to manage another home improvement project. 

Will my solar installer work with me to customize my solar installation

  • Your solar installation will be a part of your home for the next 30 years and your solar installer should work with you to make sure the aesthetic and design complement your current layout. Whether it’s rooftop or ground mount, types of panels, or managing the appearance of wires on your roof, your solar company should be eager to work with you to accommodate your dream solar installation. 

What is the process like to get repairs done? 

  • You should have a good understanding of how quick the turnaround time will be for repairs to your system. Will you need to go through a customer service line or have a project manager to talk to to get an immediate answer? Solar is an investment and your solar installer should understand this and be able to promise timely repairs to make sure you are producing energy every day there is sunlight. 

Is the company aware of incentives that you qualify for? 

  • Whether you are in Massachusetts or Rhode Island there are different programs that you may qualify for that decrease the cost of your solar installation. Incentives also differ depending on your energy provider. These incentives can benefit you in the form of tax credits, rebates, or programs that offer a production-based payment.

What is the average cost of installing a solar system? Do they provide you with multiple financing options? 

  • The cost of your solar installation will vary on the size of your installation and your roof’s exposure to sunlight. Factored into the price of any solar installation are your energy savings and any incentives you receive. To paint the best picture of how much you will be paying it is always best to get a quote that is customized to your situation. 

Do they provide you with multiple financing options? 

  • Your solar installer should work with you. The two main ways to pay for your solar installation are to buy or lease and your solar installer should walk you through how each option benefits you. For more info on buying vs leasing take a look at our blog post breaking them down. 

If you are interested in learning more about Isaksen Solar and how we exceed customer expectations in all of the areas covered above give us a call or start your free home solar quote!