I Switched to Solar, Now What?

March 19, 2024 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

You’ve officially made the switch and now you’re wondering what’s next. If your solar system has been installed but has not been activated yet, you’ll have to wait until we receive permission to operate your system before following the final three steps.

Switch the Switch After Making the Solar Switch

The first and most important thing you’ll have to do after your solar system is installed is turn it on! Your system will be ready for activation after it passes inspection and received permission to operate. We will let you know as soon as this occurs and walk you through the process of switching on your solar system over the phone.

Although it may sound complicated, there is a clear switch on the front or side of your inverter that will activate the system. We’re confident you’ll be able to do it but if you’re unsure, we can send a tech out to assist you.

Get Connected on Your Isaksen Solar App

We’ll log you into your Isaksen Solar App portal so that you’ll have full access to track and monitor your system. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how much energy your home is consuming and gage how much money you’re saving in electric bills each month.

Monitor Your Electric Bills

As the months pass, keep a close eye on your electric bills and make sure they’re less expensive than they were before you went solar. As long as you do not install any electric systems that will significantly alter your energy consumption, you should be receiving zero-dollar or close to zero-dollar electric bills on a monthly basis.

If you’ve signed up for net-metering or another solar incentive, ensure you’re receiving your energy credits or getting paid your designated rebate regularly.

Call Us Should Any Issues Occur

We’ll always be available to service your system in whatever way you need. If you suspect an issue, think you need service work, or just want to check-in on the status of your system, please give us a call at, (508) 717-3820, so we can assist you.