Local Utility

March 14, 2024

What is Local Utility?

Local utility companies, power companies, or electric companies are the point of contact for energy consumers to purchase electricity. They provide a service and are responsible for facilitating energy from it’s point of generation to homes and businesses.

These companies charge their subscribers for the amount of energy they consumed over a given period of time, as well as an additional fee for using their delivery service. These charges often end up being similar totals leading many customers to feel like they’re being charged twice for the same amount of electricity.

How do Local Utility Companies Determine the Cost of Electricity?

Local utility companies determine the cost of electricity by considering many factors like accessibility, economic conditions, demand, and government policies. It is common for electricity rates to fluctuate from month to month, often heavily affecting electric bills.

How to Stop Paying Your Local Utility Company

Many people have accepted their fate as an electric subscriber but fortunately, purchasing energy from a local utility company is not the only option to power your home. The best way to decrease your payments is to reduce your reliance on external energy sources and make your own energy.


Solar power is one of the most feasible and economical ways to generate energy that is entirely yours. Investing in solar panels can be a significant initial investment, but after paying off your system, you’ll essentially be living off free energy that you have complete control over.

With renewable energy incentives, you may even get paid to make and share your solar power, turning the tables on your utility company and making them pay you.