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MA Warns Of Increasing Electricity Prices This Winter

While Europe is currently facing an energy crisis, Massachusetts is unfortunately on a similar path with steep increases in the price to heat and power homes quickly approaching. Since Massachusetts is at the end of the national gas pipeline system and half of New England’s electricity is powered by natural gas.

As originally reported here, MA Government officials are warning and telling residents to make sure they conserve this winter. 

This comes after National Grid announced that its customers can expect to see eye-popping figures on their bills this winter. The significant rate increase is being caused by global conflict, high demand and inflation and will start as soon as November 1st when National Grid switches to its winter rates. 

To put a dollar amount to the change, a National Grid customer that saw a $179 bill in the Winter of 2020-21 from using 600 kwh that month can expect that bill to jump 64% to $293 a month. 

With the anticipated increase National Grid is implementing a Winter Customer Savings Initiative that will help customers save money through available energy assistance programs. National Grid has also acknowledged that their established system requires change to protect customers from these type of electricity rates increases in the future. As National Grid’s Chief Customer Officer, Helen Burt stated, “… we think it’s a good time to work with our regulators and other stakeholders to review the process and electricity supply dynamics in the region, with an eye toward reducing price volatility and maintaining a secure, reliable and resilient energy system for the future.”

These electricity rate increase will also be felt by home owners when it comes to heating their homes with gas this winter especially if they heat their home with oil

How To Save Money On Energy Bills In The Future

The commonly suggested way to immediately decrease energy bills is to decrease your electricity usage. Of course this comes with a shift in you daily routine by limiting the use of electronics, mindfully monitoring which devices you are using and monitoring your heating schedule throughout the winter. The positive is that this comes at no additional cost to homeowners. 

While a more expensive option upfront, homeowners are shifting to solar panels to power their home and make a significant savings throughout their future. With the addition of a solar installation, homeowners buy or lease their panels and significantly decrease their energy costs. Having solar panels on your roof generates monthly savings by decreasing your reliance on the utility company to deliver electricity sourced from natural gas. Instead you are producing your own energy from a renewable source, the sun which does not fluctuate in price due to demand or global conflicts. In most cases homeowners are able to completely eliminate their energy bills each month. 

Homeowners with solar panel installations in Massachusetts are locking in lifetime savings and no longer have to worry about increasing electricity rates each year. Once their panels are compmletley paid off they are powering their home for free!

Unfortunately, solar panels are not a fit for every home. If you are interested in seeing if your home wis a good fit for solar give us a call or get started on your free quote!