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Saving With The Middleborough Gas and Electric Solar Rebate Program

Middleborough homeowners are buying solar panels to save money and receiving discounts on their purchase from the Middleborough Gas and Electric solar rebate. Middleborough has been a member of the Municipal Light Plant Solar Rebate Program since 2019. The program was created to aid residential solar installation through a solar incentive. If you are a qualifying homeowner you can receive a rebate on your solar energy production. 

The current MLP pays $0.60 per watt of new solar power. Middleborough solar customers can get paid for up to 25 kW of solar production and 50% of total solar installation costs. This equals a $1,800 payment for a 3KW system. For a 8.5KW system, average size in the US, the solar incentive from the MLP Solar Rebate program would equal $5,100. 

The MLP solar rebate was created by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER), the Massachusetts Municipal Electric Cooperative (MMWEC) and Energy New England (ENE). The program’s goal is to increase the use of solar energy in MA. When applying for the program, your solar installer should handle the entire process and submit your MLP Solar Program application. The easiest way to learn more about the Middleboro Gas and Electric Solar Rebate is to speak with your local solar installer.  

This winter homeowners are signing up for the solar rebate program to save money as utility companies introduced historic increases in electricity rates. The high electricity rate now an ideal time to take advantage of the program and lock in savings on your monthly electricity bill. Instead of having a surprise in your mailbox each month, live your life comfortably knowing what your next energy bill will be. 

The town is always looking for opportunities to increase energy efficiency by adding more renewable energy in the town. This is an additional benefit of the town being a municipal that owns its electricity utilities.  

In addition to the rebate, the town of Middleborough and its necessary departments work quickly with solar companies. The complete solar panels process can take a few months but Middleborough works efficiently through the approvals and permits. This understanding cuts down on total time, meaning clean energy for your home sooner. 

The city even took the extra effort to list out all of the steps throughout the solar installation. However, no need to worry about managing the full project. The entire solar panel installation should be covered by your solar provider. The best solar companies in Massachusetts handle the process from start to finish, like we do at Isaksen Solar.  

The Middleborough Gas and Electric rebate is not the only discount homeowners can receive on their solar panels. There is also a federal solar tax credit which gives a 30% tax credit on the total cost of solar panels. The federal tax rebate is a major reason for the increase in Southcoast solar.  

Make sure your solar installation company shows you all of the available energy saving rebates and financing options. They will also cover whether it makes sense to buy vs lease solar. If you have questions about purchasing solar give us a call or get started on your free solar quote!