Locally Owned & Operated

It is more than a statement it is a way of life at Isaksen Solar.

In 2017, two former Tesla employees realized that their customers could have a better experience if they went solar through a smaller, local company who specialized in their region. They set out to make that company and make that region the South Coast of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Cape Cod.

We Are Your Neighbors And We Love Where We Live

We know the area. We grew up here, call it our home and raise our kids here. We have 508 phone numbers and we sit in traffic when there’s construction on the Braga bridge and on the way to the Cape in the summer. Unlike the national chains we also get that every town in our community is different, whether you’re in Westport, Fairhaven, Falmouth or Cumberland your home and your town have unique requirements. We are committed and passionate about building relationships in every town to create the most simple installation process possible for our customers.

Making Solar Simple

One of the biggest problems we saw was the complexity of solar projects for its customers. We saw logjams in production, inefficiencies and lack of transparency which all led to major headaches. We set out to simplify solar and take care of the entire process for our customers from start to finish.

Making Solar Local

Like you, we have seen national and global companies continue feeding their customers cheaper products made internationally at a cheaper quality to build their profits and take money out of the community. Knowing this we made it our mission to use 100% American made products, build solar that lasts and reinvest in to the communities that support us.

 This area has made us and we want to continue to help make this community even more beautiful, provide it with sustainable energy, and save our neighbors money.