How Long Can Solar Batteries Run Appliances During Power Outages?

January 19, 2024 | Reading Time: 9 minutes

Before solar battery systems, losing power was an inevitable, uncontrollable consequence of subscribing to the electrical grid. But now, more and more homeowners who install solar battery backups are experiencing the beauty of reliable power.

How long can solar batteries last during power outages?

Battery storage systems connected to a solar system can theoretically power a home indefinitely and eliminate all demand for grid energy. In this case, there would need to be enough batteries installed to meet the electrical demand of the entire home and the panels would need enough sun exposure each day to consistently fill the batteries.

At night, the home would utilize the stored energy and the batteries would be replenished each day when the sun is out. This is a typical solar system set up for homeowners looking to achieve net-zero carbon emissions or who live in areas that are prone to outages.

What appliances can solar batteries power during a power outage?

Technically, solar batteries can power any electric appliance or system in a home. Of course, the type and size of the device plays a crucial role in the amount of energy it demands and therefore, will affect the time a battery can power it without replenishment.

The size of the battery, also known as it’s capacity, directly affects it’s ability to power appliances over a period of time. Most batteries hover around 10 kWh capacity which means it can deliver up to 1 kW of power for 10 hours.

Average ApplianceHours Powered by 10 kWh Solar Battery Without Replenishment
Light Bulb (60W)166.67

Tying Solar Panels to Battery Storage: Is It Worth It?

The beauty of tying your battery storage system with solar panels is that it’ll be able to replenish itself and you’ll never have to worry about losing power again.

There is a common misconception that solar panels alone will protect your home from power outages. Unfortunately, this is not the case as when the electrical grid is shut down, your panels will be as well. This is to ensure the safety of utility workers fixing the wires; an operating solar system could lead to electricity backfeeding into the grid and harm them. 

However, when a solar system is equipped with batteries, it can continue to operate as normal because the produced energy will be sent directly to the batteries for storage. The batteries are what allow homes to maintain power in times of grid outages. 

Therefore, solar systems equipped with a battery home backup are the most reliable and secure source of power you can provide for your home. At Isaksen Solar, we believe alleviating your concerns for a dependable power source is worth the initial investment in batteries.

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