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Prepaid PPA

Lock In Your Payment From Day One.

Prepay your PPA and eliminate the possibility of fluctuating payments. A one-time payment before installation covers your entire contract, regardless of how much power your system produces.

Perks of a Prepaid PPA Plan

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One Full Payment Without Any Contingencies

Your one time payment is determined by the amount of energy your solar energy system is projected to make each year. If your system produces more, you’re never charged extra.

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Maintenance And Repairs Covered by Isaksen Solar

We’ll do all the work. From the second we install, we’ll be monitoring your system and make any repairs as needed. If you notice a production issue, call us and we’ll service your system at no extra cost.

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Secured Contract For More Than Two Decades

Your contract is set before installation even begins. Enjoy payment transparency with zero surprises. Lock-in your terms and secure your one time payment and owe nothing for 25 years.

Single Payment Solar

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Make Your One Time, Full Payment
Claim Your Free Consultation
Your System Is Installed and Turned On By Isaksen Solar
We Conduct 24/7 Monitoring and Full Service Maintenance
Never Pay Another Penny For the Next 25 Years

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Yes, I was referred by a family or friend

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Compare Solar Plans

Four agreements, designed to meet your demands.

At Isaksen Solar, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We are committed to helping you select an individualized plan that aligns with your specific needs.

Lease / PPA

Isaksen Solar’s leasing option gives you the benefits of a solar system without the burden of maintenance. We’ll install the system, monitor its performance, you’ll keep the energy, and pay a fixed monthly rate over the leasing term.


  • Low or zero upfront costs
  • 25 year warranty
  • Fixed rate
  • 100% service coverage


  • $0 to little money down
  • Fixed monthly payment to Isaksen Solar


Isaksen Solar owns and maintains the system.

Prepaid PPA

Prepay your PPA for the highest discount on your system. Enjoy favorable contract terms which require a minimum monthly output guarantee but never pay extra if your system produces more. Live payment free for decades.


  • Long-term, fixed contract
  • Solar panel and equipment warranty
  • Production guarantee
  • Zero monthly payments


  • One-time payment
  • Full contract cost


Isaksen Solar owns and maintains the system.


Gain immediate ownership of your solar panels with less upfront costs. Pay for your system over a time period that works for you and your budget. Take advantage of incentives and increased property value without the financial demand.


  • Purchase and finance
  • Solar panel warranty
  • Contracted rate
  • Monitoring and service coverage


  • $0 down, monthly bill
  • Payment to loan provider


Homeowner owns and maintains the system.


Purchase your system outright and reap the full benefits of solar panel ownership. Save on the upfront costs with government incentives and skip the credit check. Start saving money on electric bills in the first billing period.


  • Own your system
  • System warranty
  • Zero monthly payments
  • Monitoring and service coverage


  • One-time payment
  • Full cost to Isaksen Solar


Homeowner owns and maintains the system.

Picking Between Prepaid PPA and PPA

The biggest difference between a Prepaid PPA and a regular PPA is the payment frequency.

In a PPA, the homeowner pays a set price per kWh produced each month. Therefore, payments may fluctuate from month to month based on the system’s energy production.

In a Prepaid PPA, the homeowner’s one time payment is determined by the system’s projected annual energy production. Even if the system ends up producing more power than the payment is projected for, the homeowner does not pay extra.

Battery Backup

PPA systems are eligible to add battery storage.

Protect your home from outages.

Enjoy the worry-free experience of dependable power.

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Ready for a Brighter Future?

Our team is here to guide you through the solar transition process and answer all your questions.

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