Price of Electric Supply Increases 50% in December 2023

December 13, 2023 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

All residents in the 25 Massachusetts towns enrolled in the Community Electricity Aggregation Program will be seeing an increase in their electric bill. This is due to electric supply increasing in price by 50%.

Previously, the standard supply rate per kWh was 10.47 cents. But as of December 2023, the rate has increased to 15.784 cents per kWh.


This change is causing a 20% increase in your electric bill!

Effected Towns

DedhamFall RiverNew BedfordSeekonkWestport

Electric Bill Examples

Your Previous BillYour New Bill

This is a nonnegotiable rate change that can only be prevented by ending your dependence on external energy sources. If you’re ready to start producing and using your own power, installing solar panels will protect you from future increases to electrical costs.

When you switch to solar, zero dollar electric bills are extremely possible. It’s very common for solar systems to offset production, leaving you with excess energy and net-metering credit.

Additionally, federal tax credits and state solar incentives are saving people thousands of dollars. The initial cost of your system is worth long-term energy independence.

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