home batteries for a solar energy system

Understanding NFPA 855: A Homeowner’s Guide to Safely Installing Energy Storage Batteries

Understanding NFPA 855: A Homeowner's Guide to Safely Installing Energy Storage BatteriesMay 7th, 2024 | Reading Time: 12 minutes This guide is designed specifically for homeowners with single-family or two-family homes interested in installing energy storage systems....
electrical power lines working to keep up with AI and EV charger energy demand

EV Chargers and AI Are Straining the Grid: How Solar Can Help

Many areas of the United States are at risk of blackouts and long-term power outages as AI data centers and public electric vehicle (EV) chargers drive up energy demands. Proactive homeowners are turning to solar energy with battery backup systems to ensure reliable power while our dated electric grid struggles to keep up.
signing solar loan contract to pay off solar panels

How Long Does It Take to Pay Off Solar Panels?

The specifications of your solar system’s size and financing plan will impact how long it takes to pay off your solar panels.

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Solar Panels for Churches and Houses of Worship

Solar Panels for Churches and Houses of Worship

Solar technology can provide a long-term solution to the high electricity costs religious organizations face to run services regularly. The costs of keeping the lights on and continuously powering sound equipment can quickly add up. Solar energy systems can relieve these expenses by reducing or even eliminating a church’s electricity costs for more than two decades.

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