Solar Incentive

March 18, 2024

What is a Solar Incentive?

A solar incentive is a government funded program that may offset the cost of a solar energy system. The purpose is to encourage solar system adoption across residential and commercial properties.

Types of Solar Incentives

Available programs may vary by state. In Rhode Island, a common solar incentive is the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Program. This program is a one-time rebate on the initial cost of the system available to home and business owners who install solar panels.

Some incentives are ongoing, meaning they are not just a one-time payment. The most common ongoing incentive is net-metering, a program that continuously credits customers willing to share their excess energy with the grid. In return, the grid will exchange energy credits that can be redeemed in times of low production before having to pull energy from the grid and charge the customer for that energy. Net-metering is one of the most common ways a solar adopter can maintain very low or $0 electric bills.

Other incentives are particular to the setup of the system. For example, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut offer a ConnectedSolutions incentive which rebates the installation of solar batteries and pays up to $5,000 per battery over five years.

Applying for Incentives

Throughout the process of going solar, there are plenty of things already on your plate as an adopter. That’s why at Isaksen Solar we handle all the incentive applications on our end. We work with the system owner to determine which incentives they would like to participate in and keep ourselves fully informed on the latest incentive updates.

Available Incentive Programs When You Choose Isaksen Solar:

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