Solar Panel Maintenance: Commercial Systems

February 1, 2024 | Reading Time: 7 minutes

We’re sure there are plenty of assets of your business that you already have to maintain regularly. Thankfully, we know your commercial solar panels are not one of them.

Solar panels are self-sustaining and require minimal upkeep. They are sedentary devices which minimizes their risk of breaking because they don’t have any moving parts. Best of all, they are designed to work as an independent unit with little to no human intervention required.

Rest assured, you do not have to regularly maintain your commercial solar panels. But on the rare occasion it’s necessary, here’s what to know:

How do I know if my solar panels need maintenance?

If you notice a drop in your solar panel’s production levels, they may need maintenance. It’s best to take note of your panels after extreme weather conditions for visible damage or lingering debris that may be blocking sunlight from reaching the panel.

At minimum, scheduling a professional inspection once per year is a preemptive measure to ensure your solar panels are producing energy at an optimal output.

How do I maintain my commercial solar panels?

There are four kinds of commercial solar panel maintenance: cleaning, annual inspecting, damage repair, and troubleshooting.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Over time, solar panels collect dirt and grime that can block the sun and stifle production levels. Usually, rain can keep your panels clean enough but annual or semi-annual cleaning is an effective method to ensure they’re always in tip-top shape.

Learn more about solar panel cleaning here.

Annual Inspection

A professional inspection of your commercial solar panels is recommended at least once per year to make sure your system is working properly and safely.

Inspections can be conducted by licensed solar technicians, building inspectors, electrical inspectors, or solar installation companies.

Damage Repair

Despite the extreme durability of solar panels through all kinds of intensive weather, cracking or other kinds of damage is possible. If you believe your panels are damaged, reach out to a service or maintenance company as soon as possible.


If you notice a significant change in your solar system’s production, there might be a problem. Get in contact with your servicer to schedule a maintenance check-up who can figure out what’s happening and how to fix it.

Isaksen Solar: Your Installer, Monitor, and Servicer

At Isaksen Solar, we do it all. Not only do we install systems, but every single one is monitored 24/7 by our service team. If we notice there are any issues, we’ll reach out to you to schedule a time for maintenance. Even if we didn’t install your system, we’re happy to service it.

Our goal at Isaksen Solar is to help as many people as we can to electrify their lives, save money, and live more sustainably. We are eager to assist you, no matter what step in the solar journey you’re on. Give us a call, (508) 717-3820, or request your free quote to learn more.