Solar Panels for Churches and Houses of Worship

March 26, 2024 | Reading Time: 7 minutes

Solar technology can provide a long-term solution to the high electricity costs religious organizations face to run services regularly. Keeping lights on and powering sound equipment significantly increases electric bills. Solar energy systems can relieve these expenses by reducing or even eliminating a church’s electricity costs for more than two decades.

How Does a Church Benefit from Solar Panels?

Just like any other residential or commercial building, churches can reap the full benefits from solar panels and their incentives. And since these congregations are tax-exempt, they’re able to receive these benefits as a direct payment.

Non-Profit Tax Rebate Incentive

Recent legislation allows tax-exempt entities to file for the 30% tax incentive despite having no tax liability. Instead of receiving a tax credit, they’re paid directly for a percentage of the project’s total cost. Depending on the system’s location and the percentage of domestically produced materials, non-profits may receive up to 70% of their system’s costs.

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Reduced Expenses in Operations

Churches can see a drop in electricity expenses after going solar. It’s even possible to eliminate electricity costs all together. Instead of paying an indefinite monthly bill, the savings can be reinvested in the organization.

Protection Against Increased Electricity Prices

One of the best parts of installing solar panels is no longer wondering what the electric rate will be every month. The only definite expense is the cost of the system because its production may be enough to relieve the property of electricity costs all together.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Churches and houses of worship can be visited by thousands of people per week. Making a transition to solar on such a prominent property can expose congregants to the idea of renewable energy and can inspire them to convert their homes or businesses to solar. This chain reaction reduces the community’s carbon footprint which will sustain long-term positive effects on the environment.

Solar Payment Plans for Churches

Churches and houses of worship can finance their solar systems just like residential or commercial buildings: cash purchase, loan, Power Purchase Agreement, or lease.

A cash purchase and a loan are the only financing methods that would allow the church to file for the tax rebate. PPAs and leases do not let the property owner file for incentives as they are technically not the owner of the solar system.

Call to Action: Local Churches and Houses of Worship

We have found great fulfillment in installing solar panels on personal properties. This experience fuels our eagerness to collaborate with public organizations, like churches and houses of worship, whose properties impact our community on such a broad scale. By embracing solar energy, these organizations can decrease high operating costs while setting an example for environmental awareness and sustainability.

If you have any questions or are looking to take the next step of your solar journey, we invite you to reach out to us, (508) 717-3820, or request your free quote. We look forward to a brighter, cleaner future for all who gather under your roof.