Should I Install Solar Panels On My Waterfront Home?

December 12, 2023 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

Installing solar panels on waterfront homes is a popular choice for homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs. Solar panels can provide large cost savings on energy bills. Additionally, they reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

In this blog, we will look at the benefits of solar systems on waterfront homes. We will also talk about considerations homeowners should keep in mind.

What Is A Waterfront Home?

A waterfront home is any home or building within 1 mile of the ocean.

Sun Exposure For Waterfront Solar Panel Installation

The number one factor determining solar production is how much sun the solar panels get. Since there are few trees near the ocean, a waterfront property gets a ton of sunlight. Waterfront homes are in areas with a lot of sun exposure. This makes them ideal for solar panel installations.

Solar Panel Durability: Salty Air And Saltwater Corrosion

All waterfront homes will have above-average quantities of salt in the air and water. This may lead you to ask, “How durable are are solar panels in these conditions?”

To avoid weathering, it is important that all materials used on home solar panels are rated for a coastal environment. We recommend only using anodized aluminum and stainless-steel fasteners when working on any coastal property. This will ensure that there is the greatest corrosive resistance. At Isaksen Solar, our solar panel installers follows these practices when working on all homes within 1 mile of the ocean.

How Much Wind Can Solar Panels Withstand?

In most cases, wind usually does not affect solar panels negatively. Strong winds cause uplift on the solar panels, which in extreme cases can cause the panels to detach. Wind can also dislodge the racking system on the roof.

To keep this from happening, Isaksen Solar installs 50% extra attachments on every waterfront solar panel installation. This gives the solar system a wind speed safety rating of 135 MPH. This would be a category 4 hurricane. We also add double brackets to the perimeter of the solar system for extra wind resistance. This makes our solar arrays all weather solar panels.

Once wind speeds surpass 135 mph, it is likely there will be a significant amount of debris in the air. This debris can cause damage not the solar system but also your home.


Solar installers must consider the aesthetics of a waterfront property. Solar panels need to be installed in a way that complements the home’s architecture.

Solar companies need to think carefully about where to place the panels and how they look. This will ensure the overall look of the property is not spoiled. We always use all-black aesthetic solar panels that are anodized to maximize the appearance and corrosion resistance of the system.

We also consult with homeowners to build a custom system that results in the most aesthically pleasing solar array. There are also ways to creatively hide wiring and design the system to increase curb appeal.


In conclusion, installing solar on waterfront homes is an excellent way to reduce energy costs. While saving money you are also making a positive environmental impact.

The abundant sunlight creates significant solar power. This solar power creates big savings, making solar panels a smart investment for waterfront homeowners. With any home improvement project, careful consideration is essential when buying solar panels. However, a solar installation starts paying you back on your investment as soon as they are turned on.

Homeowners should makes sure their solar system is correctly sized, oriented, and installed. Homeowners should work with their solar company to create a system that looks great and produces the most solar power. Make sure you work with solar companies near you that are installing solar panels specifically rated to work in a coastal environment.