Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) Solar Rebate Program

Updated Jan,1. 2024 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

All properties that have Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) as their electric company are eligible for the  TMLP Solar Rebate program. The city of Taunton wants to help increase the amount of solar power in the city. The solar rebate was introduced to reach this goal.

The rebate goal is to increase solar installations by reducing the upfront cost to the customer. The TMLP solar rebate can also be combined with the a variety of other solar incentives. The solar rebate is one of the best solar incentives available in the entire state of Massachusetts.

TMLP Solar Rebate Value

Currently the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant solar rebate is paying customers back $1.50 per watt of solar panels installed. The rebate pays customers a maximum solar rebate of $4,500. Almost all homeowners will get the full $4,500 solar rebate.

System SizeRebate
1 kW DC$1,500
2 kW DC$3,000
3 kW DC or larger$4,500

TMLP Battery Storage Adder

If you purchase a solar battery for your home, you qualify for a $300 rebate per solar battery.

What are the Requirements for the Rebates?

1. You must own your solar array (leasing is not allowed)

2. Prior to the installation your project must be approved by TMLP

3. Projects must be completed by licensed electrcians and professional licensed contractors.

4. You must sign a TMLP net metering agreement and interconnection agreement

5. The electrical planset must be designed to TMLPs standards.

What other rebates can you get in TMLP?

In addition to the TMLP solar rebate there are additional Massachusetts solar incentives available to TMLP Customers. Additonal incentives are

  • Net Metering
  • Federal Tax Credit
  • State Tax Credit
  • TMLP Solar Rebate
  • TMP Solar Enery Storage Adder

Do you also get SRECs with the incentive?

No, if you choose to participate in the TMLP solar rebate, you do not get SREC’s.  This is a a good deal as the average system today gets less then $3000 in SRECs over 10 years, while the TMLP solar incentive is $4,500 upfront.

How do you apply for the TMLP Solar Incentive

To apply for the solar incentive, you must have your installer fill out a solare rebate application, a new metering application, an interconnection agreement, a 1-line diagram, and a copy of your solar contract. Then your installer will submit these documents to TMLP on your behalf.

Can you get the rebate multiple times?

Only one rebate is allowed per customer. If you choose to add to your existing system it will not qualify for another rebate.

Do commercial customers qualify for the rebate?

No, the rebate is only for residential customers.

How do you start the solar process?

The program has a list of conditions that your solar panel system must reach.It is important to work with a licensed proffesional contractor who can navigate the application and instllatino process for you.

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