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Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) Solar Rebate Program

Homeowners are taking advantage of the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) Solar Rebate to save money on their monthly electricity bill. The city of Taunton wants to help increase the amount of solar power in the city. The solar rebate was introduced to reach this goal.

The rebate has increased solar installations by reducing the total cost for residents by putting more money in their pockets. The TMLP solar rebate is one of many Massachusetts solar incentives that helps homeowners add solar technologies to their homes.


  • Currently the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant solar rebate is paying customers back $1.50 per watt of solar panels installed. The rebate pays customers back up to 3KW or a maximum solar rebate of $4,500. Almost all homeowners will get the full $4,500 solar rebate as the average home needs a 3KW solar array.


  • If you purchase a solar battery for your home you qualify for a $300 rebate per solar battery.

The program has a list of conditions that your solar panel system must reach. However, do not worry because Taunton solar panel installers should handle the entire application process like we do at Isaksen Solar. If you decide to go solar with Isaksen Solar, we handle everything. This includes the TMLP application, which is a program we have experience with in the Taunton solar systems we installed.

In addition to the TMLP solar rebate there are additional Massachusetts solar incentives available to Taunton homeowners. The city also offers Net Metering for home solar panels in Taunton. Net metering in Massachusetts is a program to credit customers for the renewable energy they produce.

A qualifying solar system will benefit from net metering when the amount of electricity generated by the customer exceeds their usage. The extra solar energy produced will be paid back to the customer as bill credits on their following electricity bill.

When a homeowner receives their solar credit from net metering they can cover costs from a month of increased power usage. Net metering essentially saves your solar power you previously produced to save you money in the future. The net metering program is an additional benefit to add to the TMLP solar rebate. Net metering covers homeowners that may have reduced or wiped out electricity bills all year round.

The benefits for Taunton residential solar customers does not stop there. Homeowners are also able to benefit from the current solar tax credit. Earlier this year, the federal solar tax credit was increased to 30% of a new solar panel installation. Like the TMLP solar rebate the application for this process should be covered by your solar panel installer in Taunton.

In total the benefits for buying solar panels in Taunton listed in this article are:

  • Taunton Municipal solar rebate – $1.50 per watt installed up to $4,500
  • Solar net metering – build credits by generating electricity
  • Federal solar tax credit – 30% off your total solar panel system cost


The solar incentives for purchasing solar panels are helping countless Taunton homeowners like yourself add solar panels to their homes. Once installed, you are locking in a lifetime of savings as electricity rates reach historic highs. You are also significantly decreasing your carbon footprint by using clean energy sources.

If you have questions about Taunton’s solar incentives, include Isaksen Solar in your search of best solar companies in Massachusetts. If you would like to talk to someone as soon as possible, give Isaksen Solar a call at (508)717-3820. You can also get started on your free solar quote right now!

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In addition to the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant Solar Rebate, the city of Taunton also has pending solar projects to add to the city. One of these projects is potentially Taunton’s first ever solar farm next year!

This solar panel installation would bring about 10,000 solar panels on top of the city’s old landfill. The solar farm would turn unused land in to a new revenue source for the city. Current estimations have the pending solar array producing about 5 Megawatts of renewable energy every year.

Through a power purchase agreement (PPA), a solar company will lease the land and pay for the entire cost of production. The PPA also passes full responsibility for maintenance of the solar panels to the solar provider. The clean energy generated by the Taunton solar panels will be sold back to the city at a reduced rate. Also, the solar installer will pay leasing fees to Taunton as well.

Since the solar provider will pay for 100% of the cost of the solar farm, the city of Taunton will see immediate profit. All together the city predicts around $1 million a year in revenue from the PPA relationship. The rollout of the solar array would be similar to the one that Marshfield is currently close to approving.

The addition of the solar farm is looked at as a “no risk” investment for the city .

Taunton is also proposing another solar farm in the city near Creech St Michael that would offset 4,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

Between the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant solar rebate and the pending solar projects the city is invested in Taunton solar. There is a clear goal to continue to grow the amount of solar panel installations each year. Whether you are looking for a way to save money or help the environment, home solar panels will make a positive difference in your life.

At Isaksen Solar, we take pride in helping Taunton residents evaluate solar panels in Massachusetts. We are a team of experienced professionals that can answer all of your questions. We make sure that homeowners walk away with a better understanding of solar panels.

Purchasing solar panels can be a big project for homeowners so we set out to make going solar in MA as simple as process.

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