Taunton Solar Panels: Going Solar In Taunton

Taunton homeowners are buying solar panels to save money and are receiving discounts on their purchase from the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) solar rebate program.

Taunton benefits from being a municipal electric utility which means the city owns the company that provides electricity. TMLP allows Taunto to provide its residents with affordable energy and exceptional service.  TLMP also excels at adapting to evolving energy needs and providing Taunton homeowners with options for how their energy is supplied. This has led to TLMP offering their customers the opportunity to source their energy with 100% renewable resources through their Go Green 100% Program.  

    Taunton area map

    TLMP also provides their customers with the opportunity to buy solar panels and save on their purchase through the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant solar rebate.  

     A quick look at the Solar Incentives available in Taunton, Massachusetts: 

    • Paying customers back $1.50 per watt of solar panels through rebate incentive
    • The solar incentive is available up to 3KW or a maximum rebate of $4,500

     More Info about buying solar panels in Taunton, MA

    • Purchasing solar panels in Taunton is helping countless homeowners save money and Taunton solar incentives are helping them save on home solar panels. Solar panel installations lock in a lifetime of savings as electricity rates continue to reach historic highs. While Taunton has more affordable energy from TMLP, Massachusetts still has the 3rd highest electricity rates in the country. 

    If you have questions about Taunton’s solar incentives, include Isaksen Solar in your search of best solar companies in Massachusetts. If you would like to talk to someone as soon as possible, give Isaksen Solar a call at (508)717-3820. You can also get started on your free solar quote right now!