Tesla Solar Roof

Energize Your Home with Elegance and Efficiency

A seamless fusion of solar technology and energy storage designed to empower your living space. With aesthetically crafted glass solar tiles and robust steel roofing, your home will not only look stunning from every angle but also embody the essence of modern sustainability.

Curious to see how Tesla Solar Roof can transform your home? Reach out to us for a personalized consultation and discover if you’ve found your solar solution.

Safeguarding from Power Interruptions with Battery Backup

The Tesla Solar Roof package includes the Tesla Powerwall battery, ensuring you with round-the-clock energy reliability. These batteries store the energy generated by your solar tiles and grant you the ability to power your home whenever you need, whether it’s at night or during a power outage.

Take on the Elements

Solar tiles produce energy, while architectural-grade steel tiles add longevity and corrosion resistance to your roof. Both are durable, strong, and engineered for all-weather protection. With a 25-year warranty, your Tesla Solar Roof will produce clean energy and protect your home for decades.


Esteemed Professionals

Our team of in-house energy experts has successfully installed solar systems which produce gigawatts of clean energy each year. From design to power on, we take care of everything. Give us a call today and get all your Tesla Solar Roof questions answered.

Custom Design

Your personalized design is established through aerial imagery and three-dimensional modeling.

In-House Installation

We’ll complete the install from start to finish in one to two days.

Turn On Your System

We walk you through operating your system and provide you with a lifetime of assistance should you need us.

Optimal Solar Generation

Produce the highest amount of energy achievable, even on roofs with intricate angles and sporadic sunlight exposure. The combination of glass solar tiles, architectural-grade steel tiles, vent covers, and ridge caps culminate in a robust and high-performing roofing system.

Monitor Your System

Using the Tesla app, you gain real-time insight into your energy generation. You can manage your system from any location, receiving immediate notifications and enjoying remote control capabilities.