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Isaksen Solar on The Rhode Show: Solar Panels in RI

Did you catch us on the Rhode Show this week? We were excited to make our television debut and talk about the benefits of solar panels in RI. In our short segment, we talked about the rising electricity costs across the state and how solar in Rhode Island is helping homeowners control their energy expenses and create a lifetime of savings.

Here at Isaksen Solar, we are one of the many solar companies in RI and we aim to make the solar process as simple as possible for our customers. If you live in Rhode Island you may be seeing first hand the impact of the rise in electricity rates recently. We see alot of homeowners believing they have no choice but to pay these rising rates until they see first hand how solar panels can benefit them every month while also significantly cutting their carbon footprint. 

In addition to the monthly savings, there are also Rhode Island solar incentives that cut-down the total cost of a solar panel installation. 

If you watched our Rhode Show segment and have questions about if your home is a fit for solar then do not hesitate to give us a call or get started on your free quote!