What Is Behind The Meter Solar? 

January 17, 2024 | Reading Time: 6 minutes

This term is a little more technical for a homeowner doing initial research to buy solar panels. However, if you have started your solar application process the term behind the meter solar may have come up.

Let’s look at what behind the meter solar means and difference of behind the meter solar and front of the meter solar.

What Is Behind The Meter Solar?

Behind the meter solar is any solar energy system or storage system that supplies a home or building with electricity.

An electricity meter is a device outside your house that measures how much electricity your home uses. The meter’s front faces away from your home. Behind the meter solar means energy going behind the meter and into your home or batteries. This enables your home or business to use the electricity it creates on-site to power itself.

Behind the meter solar is still tied to the grid but these solar panel systems do not actively pull from the grid. If your solar panels are not producing enough and solar batteries to not have enough energy to power your home you will still pull energy from the grid.

There is a partner term for Behind The Meter solar and that is front of the meter solar.

Behind-The-Meter vs in Front Of The-Meter Solar

Behind the meter solar is solar energy that goes in to the home, front of the meter solar is solar production that goes to the grid. If you are looking at the meter outside of your home pictures the energy going out of the front of your meter and back to the utility company.

Any energy that goes to the grid first and then is sent to a home or business is considered front of the meter solar.

If your home is producing energy and sending it to the grid or another home or business location then that is front of the meter solar.

behind the meter solar

Behind-the-Meter and Net Metering Massachusetts & Rhode Island

States across the US offer net metering. These programs let homeowners and businesses with solar power send extra renewable energy to the grid for credits on your electric bill.

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island net metering is possible with a bidirectional meter. This meter can spin forwards when use energy from the grid and spin backwards when you send energy back to the grid.

A solar panel installation with a bidirectional meter remains behind the meter solar. This is because the energy produced at the site of the solar installation.

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