Why We Only Install American Made Solar Panels

December 12, 2023 | Reading Time: 9 minutes

When it comes to choosing solar panels for your home or business, American-made is the way to go for many reasons. Not only are you supporting domestic jobs and giving back to the US economy, but you’ll benefit from higher quality standards than even the best Chinese-made products.

In addition, you will be doing your part for the environment, as shady practices at Chinese factories have done untold damage to the ecosystem. Lastly, you will secure more wattage, greater efficiency, and have a longer lasting product that powers your home or business for years at its maximum output.

This is why at Isaksen Solar, we believe in keeping things domestic and proudly offer only American-made solar panels for every solar installation.


Improving the American Economy 

As an American company, Isaksen Solar believes that it is important to take care of the American economy by installing solar panels made in America. Domestic jobs are important to protect and when you choose an installer that believes this, you are making a direct impact. With political tensions rising across the globe, making this effort will ensure that even if import supply diminishes, there will be access to the highest quality solar panels from within our borders.

Morally Made Solar Panels

From a moral standpoint, buying American-made solar panels is morally superior as well. In many countries like China, the wages paid to employees are not livable and the workers struggle with severe poverty. Because there are fewer regulations, employers can put children to work in substandard working conditions for hours upon end with little return.

In the United States, workers are protected with laws in place to support them financially and prevent them from being exploited. By choosing Isaksen Solar, you are making the morally correct choice.

Higher Quality Solar Panels

While most of the world’s supply of solar power comes from China, due to the high rate of production, quality often is an afterthought. With Chinese-made products, you risk getting an inferior product made of materials that will either not produce or break easily.

Solar panels need to be able to stand up to the elements and having a poorly assembled product will lead to a very costly replacement. Doing it right the first time will save you in the long run and ensure that the highest quality materials and rigorous testing has been put into delivering top-quality solar panels.

When you search for “solar installers near me” or “solar companies near me”, you will find that many companies are comfortable with using Chinese made solar panels. After all, they are cheaper and more accessible due to their increased supply.

Isaksen Solar Uses American Made Solar Panels On 100% Of Our Installations

At Isaksen Solar, we think it’s important to work harder because being cheaper and faster doesn’t guarantee lasting quality. We seek out domestic solar panel manufacturing companies and thoroughly test the products before using them in installations.

This benefits the United States economy. It also distinguishes us as a leading installer of high-quality American products. Additionally, it provides our customers with the best and longest-lasting products that are currently available.

In choosing a solar company that installs domestic and local products, you are deciding to protect the environment in the process. Switching to solar power means moving away from harmful fuels and energy sources, which is crucial for the environment.

Surprisingly, the production of solar panels can often due more harm then good in countries like China, who have limited regulation, lax standards, and ultimately do not weigh the environmental atrocities being committed.

Chinese solar panels have been the focus of increasing criticism due to their environmental impact. The specific aspect that has raised alarm bells is the manufacturing process, which involves toxic chemicals and a range of emissions released into the environment that are damaging both locally and globally.

Chinese solar panels use three times more energy than American ones, mostly from coal-fired power plants. Factories cause air pollution and waste runoff into nearby water sources, which affects the areas around them.

When deciding which solar panels to use on our installations, we first and foremost consider the way in which they are produced. Our American-made manufacturers use clean and renewable energy and materials that do not damage the environment.

At Isaksen Solar, we think solar panel makers should not go against the purpose of solar power, helping the environment, whic is one of our main principles.

Optimal Performance & Sustainability

One of the most important reasons to choose American-made solar panels is for optimal performance. Manufacturers in China commonly use monolith cells as the standard for manufacturing solar panels. In America, manufacturers prefer to use multi-layer cell technology due to its improved efficiency. Although it costs a bit more, it guarantees better power, lastingness, and highest performance for the customer.

American-made solar panels have better technology and attain it sustainably. In China, the unregulated nature of the acquisition of raw materials means that they can come from anywhere without inspection. This can directly affect the quality of the solar panels and have them last shorter than advertised. Chinese solar panels don’t last long, so they increase the cost of generating energy for your home due to frequent replacements.

US solar panels are durable, and production is regulated by agencies that protect the environment and maintain energy standards. American solar panels produce more power than international ones, leading to cost savings for users.

Isaksen Solar Is Your Answer For American Made Solar Panels

When you decide to buy solar panels and have them installed, let Isaksen Solar handle it for you. Not all solar companies are the same, and some use cheap international solar panels to make more money.

We believe superior solar panels originate in the US. This is because the US has strict rules, high standards, and a love for the environment. These factors contribute to the production of longer-lasting and higher-quality panels. As a result, customers can expect a better experience.