At Isaksen Solar we believe you should be in control of where your energy comes from and how much it costs.

We challenge the idea that you have to pay an electric bill every month until you die.

We do this by building beautiful & efficient solar energy systems made of the highest quality materials that will give you energy independence.

We believe in helping consumers generate their own power and eliminate their electric bills while simultaneously reducing their environmental impact.

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Our company’s mission statement is simple: We strive to save homes as much money as possible on their energy costs. Everything we do is measured by this statement.

We provide an initial free consultation to answer your questions and understand the current situation.

We use American made solar panels that are all black, increasing the aesthetic value of your system.

Industry Leading 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty

At Isaksen, we make the process of switching to solar energy as simple as possible for our customers. If we determine your home is a good fit for solar panels, we handle every step of the process from start to finish.

  • We handle all permitting related to the solar system with your local town or city.
  • You don’t need to put your life on hold, most residential installs can be done in one or two days.
  • Our approach is unique: Everyone uses a different amount of power so each project we complete is tailored to that property.
  • We design and install beautiful solar systems so they become an asset, not an eye sore. We want you to be proud of the new addition, so we take our time and install it right the first time.
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