Get an honest quote to see if solar panels are a good fit for your home.


Get an honest quote to see if solar panels are a good fit for your home.

Start using home solar panels and stop paying your electric bill.

If you’re ready to reduce or get rid of your monthly electricity payment, it’s time to evaluate solar energy for your home.

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25 Year Warranty on Materials, Performance, and Labor

Highest Quality

We only use the best solar panels and materials in the industry

Finest Service

All of our technicians are highly trained employees, not contractors

Highest rated solar power company

We pride ourselves on having the best customer experience in the solar industry. In other words, we promise to get the job done right for you.


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We’ll take care of everything.

Best of all, you’ll get a real project manager, not a sales person, that manages your solar power installation from start to finish. Our project managers take care of all the details, including local permits.

We’re your trusted neighbors.

Isaksen Solar is a locally owned business with roots in the community and our headquarters is in Fall River, MA, . Moreover, if you’re looking to skip the national chains and their high pressure sales, give us a call.

(508) 567-0647

Industry Leading 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty, and we’re local, so we stand by our installations.

We use American made solar panels that are all black, increasing the aesthetic value of your system.

We provide an initial free consultation to answer your questions and understand the current situation.

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